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This is the website of the Human Machine Symbiosis Laboratory (SybLab). The main contents of the SybLab website emcompass the research topics on robotics, artificial intelligence and human interface.

Recent Activities

  • [2019.06.09] Demonstrated robots of Syblab (Open Campus).
  • [2019.06.07] Lectured a tutorial in the 54th Congress of the Welfare Association of Cerebrally Handicap of Shizuoka.
  • [2019.06.04] Associate Prof. Marek Bundzel and Associate Prof. Peter Bednar (Technical University of Kosice) visited SybLab.
  • [2019.05.20]-[2019.05.24] Presented our study in ICRA2019 (Montreal, Canada).
  • [2019.03.30]-[2019.04.07] Demonstrated robots in Future Health Expo 2019 (Nagoya, Japan).

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